Why I’m Leaving WordPress for Ghost

UPDATE: Why I am crawling back to wordpress This was originally published at my new blog here http://blog.jfaquinojr.com WordPress is so awesome. It has tons of resources and contributors from its very large community. From themes to plug-ins, free and paid, you will have no problems finding what you need. Its Success becomes its DownfallContinue reading “Why I’m Leaving WordPress for Ghost”

VS2017 Introduces Go To All

In addition to the already existing phenomenal search and navigation features in Visual Studio, the VS team finally implemented the Go To All. Prior VS versions attempted this feature in the form of ‘Navigate To…’. But it was too slow to even be usable specially in large solutions. People usually end up using ‘Find in Solution’ –Continue reading “VS2017 Introduces Go To All”

Battle of the Code Editors C# edition

  Lets set the arena. The editors must be: Cross platform Light weight Extensible with C# support! Modern UI The IDEs Code editors must be light weight. That said, take a look at these clunky, cross-platform full-blown IDEs so we can move them out of the way. MonoDevelop IDE. Blandness Theme. Jetbrains Darcula Theme. I’m a fan.Continue reading “Battle of the Code Editors C# edition”