Having Fun with Automated Tests

You read the title right. It has the words “Fun” and “Automated Tests” in one sentence. Consider the following test data: _dbContext.Members.Add(new Member {     Id = new Guid(CONST_MEMBER_ID_1),     FirstName = “John”,     LastName = “Smith”,     Address = “One Fictional Way”,     CellNo = “09150001111”,     Email = “johnsmith@mail.com” }); This adds a test data to the Members table in a SQLite database using Entity Framework. This SQLite db gets created and then destroyed (usingContinue reading “Having Fun with Automated Tests”

The Ultimate Productivity Tool

Its so easy to get distracted these days. Social media alone will take a big chunk of your time and attention at any given day. I too, struggle with this on a daily basis, not necessarily about social media, but the web in general. I read stuff on hackernews, aspnet blogs, and other technology/software engineeringContinue reading “The Ultimate Productivity Tool”

VS2017 Introduces Go To All

In addition to the already existing phenomenal search and navigation features in Visual Studio, the VS team finally implemented the Go To All. Prior VS versions attempted this feature in the form of ‘Navigate To…’. But it was too slow to even be usable specially in large solutions. People usually end up using ‘Find in Solution’ –Continue reading “VS2017 Introduces Go To All”

yo aspnet not updating to Core 1.0

The Environment On my Linux Mint 17.3 machine here’s what everything looks like:   I am able to update aspnet generator successfully thru yeoman wizard. But when I try to yo aspnet, I always get the ASP.NET 5 welcome screen, instead of ASP.NET Core 1.0 like this one: The solution All of the solution I foundContinue reading “yo aspnet not updating to Core 1.0”

Battle of the Code Editors C# edition

  Lets set the arena. The editors must be: Cross platform Light weight Extensible with C# support! Modern UI The IDEs Code editors must be light weight. That said, take a look at these clunky, cross-platform full-blown IDEs so we can move them out of the way. MonoDevelop IDE. Blandness Theme. Jetbrains Darcula Theme. I’m a fan.Continue reading “Battle of the Code Editors C# edition”