Yayabels The Kasambahay Network

On my free time I work on a web app that tries to solve a specific problem.

I’m sure you or someone you know needed a house help at one point in your lives. What was your experience? For us, we meet house helpers only through word of mouth from family and friends. I’m sure there are maid services around but they’re just not very “discoverable”. Also, if I may add, their services are too expensive for somebody who lives in CALABARZON or similar area.

This app I am building tries to solve this by

  • Introducing a platform for families who need services of house helpers.
  • Offering incentives to head hunters in the form of a finder’s fee.
  • And last but not least, helping aspiring and experienced house maids to come out and apply for the jobs based on their preference. i.e. location, monthly salary, scope of work, etc.

I should probably emphasize that last bullet point. Let me explain.

Many of the kasambahays come from distant provinces and several of them are unfortunate to have no education at all and can barely read or write.

That is why the biggest challenge I am facing is how to design the UX (user experience) to be as simple and easy enough so it has the farthest reach. And we all know that simple is never easy.

The second bullet point is a kind of fallback. We don’t have to expect that job applicants can read or write. That’s where head hunters come in. Now I’m just using “head hunter” to define somebody who wants to refer a house help. It could be any person who has access to the internet who wants to help another person to find a job as house maid. They could expect a finder’s fee or not.

The last piece of the puzzle is the families who are in (sometimes dire) need for a helper. They are the ones who create wanted posts, and offer finder’s fee.

The idea is simple. Create a community where everyone can help each other out.

What do you think? Yay or nay?

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