ReactPinoy UX for Mobile

I really like this tweet:

I like

I like it so much I immediately implemented it in my side project reactpinoy.

Here is reactpinoy viewed in desktop mode:

reactpinoy desktop view

Here is reactpinoy viewed in mobile mode:

reactpinoy mobile view

While there’s is still a lot more UI/UX to debug here, immediately the experience for mobile immediately changed for the better.

Steve wrote a book called Refactoring UI. I plan to read the book when I get my hands on it. I hear it’s great because its a UI book that’s made by a developer for developers. The “No B.S. approach to UI design” or so I’d like to think about it.

If you cant read the book for some reason, Steve drops little gems like the one at the start of this post on his twitter feed, so I strongly recommend you give him a follow. His twitter handle is @steveschoger.

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