The Ultimate Productivity Tool

Its so easy to get distracted these days. Social media alone will take a big chunk of your time and attention at any given day.

I too, struggle with this on a daily basis, not necessarily about social media, but the web in general. I read stuff on hackernews, aspnet blogs, and other technology/software engineering blogs. Its easy to get lost down that rabbit hole. So the stuff I need to do for the day gets pushed down a bit.

Pomodoro technique for me is sometimes a hit and miss. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. Why is it not working?

One day I decided to blame it all on the pomodoro tools I use, and thought I should create one of my own.

Enter micromanager-timer.

I took all my favorite features of all the pomodoro tools I ever tried and stole it to make this the ultimate productivity tool.


“This app is nothing but a glorified timer”. Is what you would say. But wait, take a look at these features and reserve judgement for later:

Auto Screen Capture

One feature is its ability to capture your screen as you are in the pomodoro zone. Because sometimes, you want to document stuff that you were doing and taking notes while doing it is another distraction. You could be researching for a blog or a just want to add a journal/wiki entry – this feature is great for that.

Music Player (soon)

Some people can focus better when listening to music. So what would you say If your pomodoro timer plays your “in the zone” music while you are actually “in the zone”? I could image myself listening to death-metal during the 25 mins focus times, and then classical music for the breaks – or vice versa!

Why micromanager-timer?

Imagine your manager checking up on you every so often and then ask you to review your work. This is what I was thinking when I named this app.

That and because naming things is hard.


I created this app in not more than about two hours (4 pomodoros), so the architecture is crap. I uploaded the source code to github so people can learn how to NOT DEVELOP an app.

Seriously, I needed a tool ASAP, so I fired up Visual Studio 2017 and created a WINFORMS app. It’s 2018 and I just created a windows forms app.

If I get some free time, I am going to over-engineer the shit out of this timer. I’m talking about external plugin architecture, unit tests, benchmarks, CI/CD, and all that crap.


This is the options page. Right now the only ones that are working are Pomodoro duration and Screenshot intervals.


Every few seconds, screenshots are stored in a folder structure like this:


The app stores the screenshots inside a folder with a similar task name and that folder also resides inside a folder with the current date with format “yyyy-mm-dd”.

The Future

Right now I am using it as is for the time being. It still sucks but I get that 25 mins countdown organized into tasks with screenshots.

There is still a lot to be done but I promise to work on it in the coming days, and will be blogging about it.

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