I have been working on something during the past few weekends, and I will be posting about it soon. But the link is here:

username: manager
password: manager

I just need to add a few things to the app so I can publish it. Stuff like landing page and multi-tenant feature, etc. The source code is privately hosted on VSTS, I have no plans yet of open-sourcing it but maybe someday.

But now my ADHD is kicking in and I want to make something else. This time, I will make it in the open. I initially planned to have it as a team side-learning project at Amaris and host it in corporate VSTS, but I decide we can still make it a team-thing but hosted openly at GitHub.

The Paluwagan System

What is it? Here is a few links that will do a better job of explaining it than I probably could.


Existing Apps

There are no Android apps in Google Play store. There might be something similar to it but named differently. Paluwagan is after all, a Filipino term.

Over at Github, there are five other people who also had the same brilliant idea:


I haven’t tried any of these yet, but I’m sure they’re all good.

Mine will be better because I will make it. I joke but the experience is gonna be sweet.



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