Why I’m Leaving WordPress for Ghost

Why I am crawling back to wordpress
This was originally published at my new blog here 

WordPress is so awesome. It has tons of resources and contributors from its very large community. From themes to plug-ins, free and paid, you will have no problems finding what you need.

Its Success becomes its Downfall

WordPress has grown into something else. It has evolved from a blogging platform, into a CMS, and then into whatever it is now. People are doing all kinds of stuff with it. That kind of success attracts malicious folks. If you host your own wordpress site, you better be updating it once every path comes up.

Fortunately for me I didn’t host my own so I dont have to deal with security and upgrades. My previous blog was in jfaquinojr.wordpress.com.

I Just Want to Write my Blog

I don’t need all that cruft. I just want to write whats in my mind and be done with it.

WordPress is like a Swiss Army Knife with all the knives out.

Enter Ghost

Initially I wanted to move to a static site generator such as Jekyll or some other shit. But I wanted to try Ghost as well so here we are. And so far, everything is peachy.

Ghost is a blogging platform period. Its dedicated to doing one thing: Publishing.

I’m not completely ignoring Jekyll. If I find benefits to moving to Jekyll or similar over Ghost, maybe I will.

Amazon AWS

I am hosting my new Ghost blog on Amazon AWS. I find it much cheaper than hosting on Azure. Even with my free 100 USD Azure credits that comes along with the company MSDN subscription, I still decided to host on Amazon but that’s another story for some other time. But that might change in the future.

Probably more useful to me than to you but IDC.


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9 thoughts on “Why I’m Leaving WordPress for Ghost

  1. From an SEO standpoint, I’m sure that Google weighs a WP blog as heavier than one on some other location. There appear to be built-in mechanisms for cross-linking your website content with WP’s own keyword lookup mechanisms, giving you more visibility on lookups.

    If I branched off to a roll-your-own solution like yours, I’m sure my visibility would drop off the charts from the standpoint of organic searches.

    Further, WP will include my content if someone is subscribed to “open-source”, for example. This won’t be the case for you unless you now start subscribing to syndication/aggregation content sites and I don’t have to do that now.

    1. I completely agree with your SEO point. Fortunately for me I just started blogging and I wish I could write more in the future. SEO is not my major concern at the moment.

      I should have also mentioned one of the reasons I am trying other blogging platforms is because of my dev ADHD. I feel the need to try out these awesome open source projects as much as all the javascript frameworks out in the wild.

      Who knows, maybe in the future I might end up going back to WP.com

  2. Ghost has the best support for search engine optimisation and social sharing features of any blogging platform in the world. You don t need any extra plugins or extensions, and you don t need to write any extra code. It just works.

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