Hello Again JetBrains Rider

I mentioned last time that Jetbrains’ cross-platform IDE for .NET is still too young for an affair, but after receiving a few version update notices in my inbox, I decided to give it another chance.

After using it for a few number of days, I was and still am being pleasantly surprised by all the cool features this IDE has to offer. To start with Darcula theme is awesome. The built-in terminal window is very handy. Its auto-complete and code snippets is not terrible, its just second to Visual Studio but still better than MonoDevelop. It takes a while to wrap your head to the window layouts and toolboxes but once you get it, you will appreciate most of them. There are plenty more gems scattered around, you just have to carefully watch out for them.

Visual Studio spoils us rotten. Chews our food for us and shoves it down our throat with a silver spoon. Its like a wife that gives you everything you can possibly need at home so you don’t have to go outside for a drink or look at another woman. With Jetbrains Rider, you will have to dig around for the feature or setting you need. For example, at one point I struggled to add a reference to a specific project. But the Project Properties page isn’t there. And for a number of times, I manually add those reference by directly modifying the csproj file and typing in text. Lately I discovered that Rider can do it for us thru the red bulb icon or by pressing Ctrl+Space while the cursor is on the class you want to add.


I am definitely enjoying Rider right now. Its still brand new so the community is still flourishing so don’t expect support to come flooding in. Its just been a few days, and I haven’t tried  poking around for Rider support. But I’m sure Jetbrains people are on top of it.

Workspace 1_010
Rider spanning multiple monitors on Linux Mint and screenshot 
of my pet project, MICS.

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